Stuffed Pork Recipe

Looking for the perfect traditional festive dish?

Stuffed Pork Neck is the way to go.

This delicious and easy to make dish requires:

•1 lb of Boneless Pork Neck

•1/2 lb Bacon

•12 oz of Cheese

•Salt, Black pepper & Oil Side Dish Ingredients:

•1/2 lb of Potatoes and Carrots



Black pepper & Oil



  1. Firstly cut the 1 lb of Boneless Pork Neck into two equal halves and slice open each half. Once sliced, season them with salt and pepper.
  2. Next, you would need 6 pieces of sliced cheese. Out of these, you would be requiring 2 sliced pieces first. Later, a few pieces of bacon will be needed. Once the initial steps are done, drizzle the grill with some oil and set it to medium heat. This is where you would have to place the stuffed pork to cook it as per the required time.
  3. After cooking the stuffed pork, next, we move on to the side dish. For this, you would have to begin by cutting potatoes and carrots. The side dish is quite simple and easy to make.
  4. For a detailed recipe, please watch the complete video.

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